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Download Chrome…

Make sure your Google Chrome is updated. Don't forget to stay tuned for app updates and don't miss out on new versions (it will improve your Chrome experience a lot). If you don't have Chrome yet, you can install it and use it as your favorite browser.

Install and Remove Chrome Themes…

The Google Chrome browser allows you to choose and install different themes at will. The themes you select will be displayed on all your devices (computers or laptops) that support the Chrome web browser.

Customize your Google Chrome Theme

Quality Chrome themes will turn your browser into a real work of art that will reflect your preferences, style, mood, dreams, and plans. All themes published here are optimized to work perfectly with modern LCD, LED, and Oled monitors and computer screens.

Using themes in Chrome will not affect your account in any way. Therefore, do not limit yourself, fantasize, choose, or create your unique look for your web browser. Set something on the screen that makes you happy, that will lift your mood and make you smile. A positive mood significantly increases work productivity.

So what will be displayed on your desktop? Chrome themes change the color of window frames, tabs, toolbars, and the background of the browser's home page. The themes you select will be saved to your Google Account, so when you sign in to Chrome from another computer, you'll see the image you selected. It is very convenient.

Remember, our themes are free, so don't limit yourself. Choose whatever you like. Change Chrome themes as much as you like to keep your positive attitude. Be free of your choice. And we will make sure that you have something to choose from. So set up your Google Chrome and enjoy working with Google and its products.


Searching for an interesting and correct (in terms of size) topic can take a lot of time and be tiring. Therefore, we suggest you use Here you will find the best and latest Chrome theme designs from different categories. You will be able to view and instantly download them for free. You will be able to admire the selected theme on your computer or desktop device with one click. Thematic categories are constantly updated, so you will always find something interesting for yourself.

The categories on are constantly updated with new themes, and the themes themselves are updated regularly. We recommend subscribing to our newsletter in the Telegram channel to keep up with the latest news. If you often change themes, looking for something new and creative, then offers you a large collection of interesting things for Google Chrome. Each theme is created by a team of professionals, so all of them will look perfect on any screen size. We would also appreciate your support of our work in the form of frequent uploads and your theme reviews.