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Grumpy Cat Google Chrome Theme is a unique theme for your browser. The theme is represented by the background image of Tardar Sauce, nicknamed Grumpy Cat, an American Internet celebrity cat. The theme features the following colors. The Chrome browser frame is displayed in brown. The color of the active tab and toolbar is light brown. The background of the new tab page is brown, all text appearing on the page is white.

If you’re a cat fan, you’ll love this browser theme. Grumpy Cat is sitting on the table in red clothes – this is how the cat is depicted in the theme for Google Chrome. The cat’s nickname Tardar Sauce comes from the name of tartar sauce. This is due to the fact that the cat’s fur is covered with dark spots. Grumpy belongs to the breed of ordinary short-haired domestic cats. Grumpy Cat has congenital dwarfism and an incorrect bite, which became the basis of the popularity of photos on the Internet. Interestingly, Grumpy Cat was awarded the Webby Award in the nomination “Meme of the Year”. The Grumpy Cat Google Chrome theme can be activated in the Chrome Web Store or you can download the extension (.CRX) from our website and install it by following the instructions.

How to install Chrome Theme?

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